The 176 bus also stops here.

Beckenham Storytelling Circle is a free event. Stories should be told and not read and can be upto 10 minutes long  so come along and tell us a story and improve your storytelling skills. Or you are welcome to come along and listen. What is storytelling?  One of the world’s oldest art forms, storytelling has been at the heart of human expression for as long as we have been able to talk.  From the little, everyday "you’ll never guess what happened to me on the bus today" story to the epic childhood tales that shape our lives, listening to and telling stories is a part of all of us. 

Don't forget our next meeting on Wednesday 26th September at 8.00pm. At the Goldsmiths Arms. 3 Croydon Road. Penge. London SE20 7TJ. When we will have Kerima Mohideen with her tales of India titled "If the trees could speak". 

      Please  note that the Goldsmiths do not allow children on the premises after 8.00pm    

 In July  we had a storytelling circle, it being so hot we ventured into the garden and it was delightful listening to stories as the daylight faded. We had stories of mermaids, the guardians of fire. The discovery and looting of the german crown jewels after WW2 and a Nazruddin story. Another excellent evening of storytelling.

In June we had The excellent Phil Okwedy telling us his stories of love, treachery and revenge in a poor welsh farming family, Also wovenwith tales of droving Welsh cattle and riches made abroad. Phil Okwedy is truly a master of the craft we call storytelling. .

Don't forget the excellent Storyjam at Canada Water and the Albany Deptford.                                                         See their website for their next incredible storytelling event   see link in Stuff and Nonsense.

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