The 176 bus also stops here too.

Beckenham Storytelling Circle is a free event. Stories should be told and not read and can be upto 10 minutes long  so come along and tell us a story and improve your storytelling skills. Or you are welcome to come along and listen. What is storytelling?  One of the world’s oldest art forms, storytelling has been at the heart of human expression for as long as we have been able to talk.  From the little, everyday "you’ll never guess what happened to me on the bus today" story to the epic childhood tales that shape our lives, listening to and telling stories is a part of all of us. 

Don't forget our next meeting on Wednesday 22nd May 2019 at 8.00pm. At the Goldsmiths  Arms. 3 Croydon Road. Penge. London SE20 7TJ.   When we have a professional storyteller. Its 3 years since Sarah Rundle came to tell for us and no matter where you may have heard her tell you will know that she is always entertaining. On this occasion she brings her set of stories from the Silk Road so expect some laughs and some surprises.

   See More storytelling in Penge, above.

                  Please  note that the Goldsmiths do not allow children on the premises after 8.00pm    

 In April we had a small group who enjoyed stories of a boy who kept changing form to escape the clutches of an evil magician,  A girl that killed a devil that was plaguging her village  and the outcome of scientific investigations into birds and traffic on the the M62.

Don't forget the excellent Storyjam with Alys Torrance and Lucy Lill. See their website for their next incredible storytelling event   See the link  in Stuff and Nonsense.

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